Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join the Rewards Club?

Once you have become a member of the Rewards Club, you will start getting recognized for your play and earn valuable points and special offers that may be redeemed for cash, goods, and/or services throughout the casino.

How do I use my Rewards Card?

Simply insert your card into the card reader of your favorite slot machine. Be sure to verify that the machine has accepted your card — you should see the message “Thank you for playing.” Or, present your card to the dealer when playing table games.

How do I earn Rewards points?

When playing slots: Earn 1 point for every $6 coined in. Poker and Keno machines earn 1 point for every $7 coined in. When playing Blackjack: Points earned are based on a minimum average wager of $5 and total play time. Blackjack requires a minimum average bet of $5 to qualify. Present your Rewards Card to the dealer.

How do I get to the next level?

Membership levels are based on the total amount of points accrued during the prior 12 months.

How do I acquire a PIN?

PIN numbers are required to access your promotional Free Play at the slot machine. To register a PIN number, stop by the Rewards Club and an associate will assist you. It’s that simple! If you have questions regarding Free Play, stop by the Rewards Club and ask one of our friendly Rewards Club Associates.